Let's make something up! publication

As a kid, the internet changed my life forever. For a long time I was certain that my future would be in tech. A lot have changed since I was a kid, but one thing haven't: my enthusiasm and curiosity in learning and making new stuff up.

Recently, I went through some courses:

First, Learn JavaScript Course, from Codecademy, which gave me a solid foundation on JavaScript. After that, I took the 42.5 hours course ministred by Fernando Daciuk, JavaScript Ninja, focused on deep javascript knowledge. With those two courses in my bag, I finished the famous The Web Developer Bootcamp 2021, by Colt Steele. This bootcamp is, arguably, the most famous web development online course in the world. With more than 60 hours of videos, I got in close contact with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, Express and more.

The size of the bootcamp can be seen in the huge final project: YelpCamp.

Looking for a way to connect my experience in writing and my interest in development, I created the Let's make something up! publication, where I share my thoughts during this journey.

I'm on twitter as thebigfundamentals and on GitHub, with the same username.

If you are looking for someone talented in telling stories and who is willing to learn and create, get in touch!