Um mundo em que existem baleias - A World With Whales (Editora Patuá, 2021).

A World With Whales is a short stories collection about the childhood universe, but it is not a book for childs. Through the amazed eyes of kids and teenagers, the stories explore love, motherhood, fatherhood, hate, sex, self-discovery, desire and much more. "If there are whales out there, everything is possible". This is, indeed, a world with whales.

Since 2013 I've been actively writing, with over 500 fiction and non-fiction pieces published on Medium. In this period, I engaged in several challenges and events, with some accolades:

Three of my stories have become eBooks, availabe on Amazon:

My first book was published in 2021, Um mundo em que existem baleias (A World With Whales, by Patuá, an indie publisher from Brazil.

Besides my literary production, I also have experience in copywriting, after working as a freelance writer for marketing companies as Rock Content.

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